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The Juice
Artist Stats Fans : 1 Song Plays : 1323 Visits : 7219

STAYING ON TOP THE ULTIMATE HIP-HOP INDONESIA Hip-hop management, agent, production. Bringin' the noize with brand new flava in your earz. With supreme dream team, Greg Satriano "Rainman", Komodo Jones from L.A. The first Indonesian hip-hop project to touch base with the roots of hip-hop. Introducing the rawest talent in Indonesian hip-hop scene. Yudha aka escalade and Dimas K Octavia Dmust AkIra & Ditto M.A.L.I. Lil. DAN & Nonalia Raben DULE Cronic REQUEST MINUSONE Da Squad THE JUICE Class of 96 MISTAH SALLY C NUFF SUM CRYSTAL.. more
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1. Kangen
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No Video Yet
dvirgo posted on 2 Nov 2009
kapan nih The juice Show..???
silfiana posted on 30 Sep 2009
sukses The Juice..
dvirgo posted on 18 Aug 2009
finally The RBT code release...
LupyChubbie posted on 13 Aug 2009
Lagu nya dibanyakin dongg!!
riezka posted on 5 Aug 2009
Kode RBT na Kok Belum Kluar ???Kapan??
just posted on 3 Aug 2009
The Juice hay hay
dvirgo posted on 25 Jul 2009
now this is what i call a real hip hop with a Nu soul..keep the good work guyz!!! N U don't Stop!
riezka posted on 25 Jul 2009
Good LucK for the JUICE
nurcahya posted on 25 Jul 2009
sukses ya buat the JUICE khususnya Buat k,DONNY yang makin Keren Gayanya...
silfiana posted on 25 Jul 2009
lagu yang ini cool bgt..i like this song!!!
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