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STAYING ON TOP THE ULTIMATE HIP-HOP INDONESIA Hip-hop management, agent, production. Bringin' the noize with brand new flava in your earz. With supreme dream team, sound engineer by Greg Satriano "Rainman" (former working with snoop dogg, nate dogg, warren g, lil john and many more), Komodo Jones from L.A. The first Indonesian hip-hop project to touch base with the roots of hip-hop. Introducing the rawest talent in Indonesian hip-hop scene. HIPHOP UNITED ALBUM : mixed and recorded by Gregg Sartiano, LA Mastered at BERNIE G.. more
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1. Baby When I See You Smile
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guss posted on 24 Jul 2009
Hi guys keep onthis good progres and do the (HHL ) and we like that ....indonesia waiting for the great hip hop artis man represented indonesia to the world
zoelsinger posted on 23 Jul 2009
REQUEST...?!? kagak ade matinyeee..!!! ibarat kata nieh ya...kecoak klo di injek bakal lgsg kejet2x trus mati kan...kalo REQUEST beda, ttp bangkit di industri musik Indonesia malah nanti ampe ke industri musik dunia lho..?! can u imagine that...??? BRAVO BRAVO BRAVO 4 REQUEST...
athina posted on 10 Jul 2009
wwwwwwoooooowwwww,,,!!!!!! kereeeeeen2!!!! keep it up guys!!!!
bianca posted on 10 Jul 2009
gilaaa...gilaaa...ini group syp siiyh?? keren bgt... hehhee..monte,akung,dave, love u always guys.. sukses yaa...
r31za posted on 29 Jun 2009
Guys I really love this song.. Gw yakin lo ber3 pasti sukses, I really think u guys have the talent, keep up the good work n make INDONESIA Proud!!! Gw always support all the way!!
yudhapermana78 posted on 26 Jun 2009
u guys are great...seniman abissthey aint trying to be a gangster or sumtin, they just try to make a great music..thats wat i lykkeep up on da great work REQUEST..hollaaaaPS : Monte and daniel we love ur voice....gilee2dave ngerap lo gokil n daniel ngerapnya juga hebaat hehehehe
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